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Spoiled daughter (20 Jun 2007)


As Mr. and Mrs. Tung are quiet and introvert, they can hardly understand why is their daughter so talkative. 'She is very active and cannot sit still. Whenever it is dining or sleeping, she cannot cool her head.' Wing-hei, now 3, is Tung's only daughter. She talks a lot and is very active. As her parents' jobs require them to work on shifting hours, which are long and irregular, she is in the care of her grandmother, uncle and aunt during holidays. Her mother always believes it is not good to subject the little girl to varying standards set by different caretakers, who tend to spoil her anyway. However, she finds it hard to change the environment. The parents are very embarrassed when they receive a complaint from their daughter's teacher, blaming her for yelling, fighting and bullying in class. Mr. and Mrs. Tung are practising parents and have no previous experience in talking to young children. They are curious about every movement of their daughters. When parents find that the character of their child is far from what they expect, how can they learn to accept this fact and try to teach him or her with limited time and condition?

Parenting Documentary
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
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