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Stalking Legislation; Joint Parental Responsibility; An Uneasy Peace in Wukan Village (06 Jan 2012)


Eleven years ago, the Law Reform Commission proposed legislation that would make stalking behaviour a criminal offence.The aim was to protect individuals from being pursued in any way that would place them in constant fear. The proposal hung in the air for over a decade. The new legislation also covers collective harassment, which involves more than one stalker. The legislation is currently open for public consultation, but some worry that the law is drafted so loosely that it will damage journalistic rights and principles.In the event of divorce, fights for custody of children can be brutal, and there are often problems of one parent refusing access or denying the other parent the right to make decisions involving the children. In March 2005, the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong produced its Report on Child Custody and Access. The main thrust of its recommendations is that the “joint parental responsibility model” should be implemented by legislative means to replace the existing custody and access arrangements. With us in the studio to discuss this are Wendy Leung, the principal assistant secretary for Labour and Welfare, and Priscilla Leung, who represents the Hong Kong Single Parents’ Association.In the final months of 2011, residents of Wukan village protested against the seizure of their farmlands and corruption in local government. Those protests seem to have been resolved, at least temporarily, but the villagers remain uncertain that the current state of affairs will hold. At the moment a tense peace prevails.

The Pulse
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Friday, January 6, 2012
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