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Stitches of Beauty (23 Apr 2004)


In 1947, a group of Shanghainese merchants left their turmoil stricken homes and fled to Hong Kong with their capital, equipment and workers to set up Hong Kong ’ s first spinning factory. Since then, more Shanghainese traders arrived to set up textile factories which became Hong Kong ’ s first industry. The spinning industry is the longest reigning textile industry with over 50 years of history. Today, there are only four spinning factories yet they are still diligently producing high quality products. Despite having to face keen competitors from all over the world, Hong Kong textile factories still place great emphasis on investing in technology, improving quality, and producing beautiful fabrics which are highly competitive. With the solid foundation laid by the forefathers, Hong Kong is aiming to become “ Asia ’ s fashion design centre ” or even to emerge as an “ International fashion design entre ” .

Hong Kong Industries
Publish Date: 
Friday, April 23, 2004
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