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Studio discussion with CEO of The Link REIT, George Hongchoy, China's vaccine scandal & HK Medical Council reform (09 Apr 2016)


 With an enhanced monitoring system in place, Hong Kong people may have less need to worry about local food and pharmaceutical safety. But they do have to worry about the cost. Not only is grocery shopping more expensive, but in some districts the much loved and cheaper fresh food markets are disappearing in the name of upgrading services. With us in the studio is the Chief Executive Officer of The Link Reit, George Hongchoy. Last month’s revelation that two million doses of expired or badly stored vaccine had been sold across China since 2011 once again exposed glaring loopholes in the country’s monitoring of food and pharmaceutical products. Even official government outlets expressed outrage: Xinhua warned that the faulty vaccines could have caused disabilities and death. Many people are asking why it took the authorities five years to do anything. Others are voting with their feet. They want to bring their children to Hong Kong for safer vaccinations. The Medical Council of Hong Kong was set up to help regulate medical services, investigate complaints, and conduct disciplinary enquiries. It has sometimes been accused of doing this at a snail’s pace. In his most recent policy address, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying proposed amending the Medical Registration Ordinance and reforming the council by appointing more outside members. Finally just a thought.. If you do happen to be flying out of Hong Kong in the near future. Don’t forget your carry-on luggage. If you leave it outside, once you’ve passed through security, I’m sorry to say it’s unlikely you’ll receive the same assistance one rather special passenger received at the end of March. So, without baggage of any kind, we’ll see you next week. Goodbye.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Saturday, April 9, 2016
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