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In studio: Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival; Movie Review - "Amazing Grace"; Alternative Japanese Comics; Linve in the Studio - Joves (30 Oct 2007)


Tickets for the Hong Kong Arts Festival have been on sale for two weeks already, and some of them are likely to be selling like hot cakes. From the middle of February until the middle of March the festival's presenting over 100 performances and other related events featuring 31 performing groups. Twenty two of those groups are from overseas. Nine are from Hong Kong. In case you don't have a clue what to book, or even what's going on, the festival ’ s Executive Director Tisa Ho is in our studio to tell us more.Michael Apted's movie "Amazing Grace" is about the kind of thing that may have bored some of us to death in history lessons at school: the story of how a politician took almost twenty years to get a bill passed in the British House of Commons. In this case the political manoeuvring had an effect that's still with us two centuries since that bill was passed – the bill was the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, and it's not an exaggeration to say it changed the world. The politician was William Wilberforce. Reviewer Gray Pollard tells us the movie certainly does manage to come over as more than an illustrated history lesson. It's even, often, funny. Two years ago The Works introduced viewers to the Comix Home Base project, which was presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, with sponsorship from Hong Kong's Home Affairs Bureau. The aim of the project, said the organisers then, was to reassert the value of the comic book in local culture and recognize its status as an art medium.The project was planned to run for two years. Time's up, and it's now holding its final exhibitions at the Arts Centre. You may have already thought comics or manga were an alternative art form. These exhibitions take that one step further. They are focusing on the alternative alternative. We speak to two "alternative" comic creators from Japan. Finally, performing live in the studio we have Joves, also known as Jovelyn Fuego. She's a locally-based singer-songwriter whose self-penned songs mix jazz, bossa nova, and contemporary pop/rock. Joves is the Gold Prize Winner at the Soundbase Festival 2007 Tom Lee Acoustic Band Competition. An additional prize for Best Individual Performance went to her bassist Chris Collins.

The Works
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
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