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Supporting Social Enterprises; AIDS - Are we getting complacent?; FPA Executive Director Susan Fan on Youth Sexuality Survey; Digital TV - The Infrastructure (07 Dec 2007)


Both the left and the right-wing tend to like social enterprises. For the left they help the needy, for the right they save government money. This week Chan Yuen-han urged the government to clarify the definition of such enterprises, and to provide financial channels to support them and encourage their growth. The motion wasn't expected to be controversial. But one government official couldn't help showing his disapproval of Hong Kong's newest elected legislator. December 1st was World AIDS Day. The first case of the disease was reported in Hong Kong in 1984. Since then many things have changed, but even after more than two decades of education and prevention, people living with HIV remain stigmatised. Even the volunteers who work with patients sometimes face discrimination. Education and sexual attitudes are both major factors in the battle against sexually transmitted diseases. Recently, the Family Planning Association released the findings of its 2006 study on youth sexuality. The association's executive director Susan Fan is with us. Last week we looked at how little most members of the public know about the soon-to-roll-out digital TV broadcasts, or what equipment they'll need to receive it. In the second section of our two-part report we focus on just how quickly the infrastructure is likely to be in place, and whether everyone can make the switch.

The Pulse
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Friday, December 7, 2007
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