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Suspicions About a "Cultural Bureau"; An Embattled Legco President; Ying Liang's film: "When Night Falls" (25 May 2012)


Among incoming Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s recommendations for restructuring the government, perhaps the most controversial has been the proposed setting up of a cultural bureau. If it’s done right, the setting up of a specific department to cater for arts and culture could be welcomed by Hong Kong’s cultural workers and artists. However, there’s seldom been any consultation on arts and cultural policy involving those within the sector. In 2003, the Culture and Heritage Commission did consult the sector before producing a policy recommendation report. However, there was no follow up to that report or the views expressed. Lacking such consultation, many are suspicious not only about the motives for setting up such a bureau but also about how its head will be appointed. Two potential candidates have been tipped to run the culture bureau.There’ve been reports that one, Ada Wong, does not have the favour of pro-Beijing forces.Instead attention has turned to Florence Hui, the Undersecretary for Home Affairs. With us in the studio, Ada Wong talks about what the bureau might need to do to help Hong Kong's arts and cultural scene. The credibility and impartiality of Legco president Tsang Yok-sing is increasingly being questioned after his decision to use the rules of procedure to shut down a long debate on the government’s by-election bill. Legislators have also raised questions about his later delaying of a Legco meeting for half an hour to ensure there would be enough legislators in the chamber, despite bad weather, to avoid an adjournment. Last weekend, both the Democratic Party and Civic Party protested, requesting his resignation.Ying Liang’s film, “When Night Falls” is centred on an incident that happened in Shanghai four years ago.It’s about a young man Yang Jia who was accused of attacking a police station and stabbing six policemen to death. He was later sentenced to death. The film focuses on his mother, Wang Jingmei, and the obstructions she faced during his trial, including illegal incarceration. But when authorities discovered that he had also highlighted what had gone on behind the scenes, Ying himself began to face pressure.

The Pulse
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Friday, May 25, 2012
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