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Taxi Driver Discontent; Discovery Bay Fare Hike; The Civic Party - Where to From Here - Interview with party Sec. General Chan Ka-lok; Too Many Funeral Parlours (12 Dec 2008)


Last week, hundreds of taxis, many of them green cabs from the New Territories, blocked roads at Chek Lap Kok airport. Red cabs can drive anywhere in Hong Kong. Green cabs are limited to the New Territories. The New Territories drivers are angry about the new fare adjustment for urban cabs that came into effect at the end of last month, which – they say - makes it cheaper to take long trips by urban cabs. The day before our broadcast, legislators said they supported the idea of bringing the green cabs fare structure in line with that of the urban cabs. Residents of Discovery Bay might be wishing that whatever the problems with disgruntled taxi drivers, cabs could drive into their area. Discovery Bay is currently served solely by ferries and buses, but not only are the ferry fares going up, the services are also being cut. With the merger of The Frontier and the Democratic Party, and the increased prominence of the League of Social Democrats, the political landscape for Hong Kong's pro-democratic parties is changing. Chan Ka-lok was voted the new Secretary General of the Civic Party last weekend, and he's in our studio to talk about what these changes may mean for the party that ’ s been referred to as the "noble democrats". Residents of Hung Hom have been complaining that the continuous expansion of the funeral and related trades in the area over the last few years has affected the environmental hygiene, property prices and business development of the district. The funeral related businesses counter that this has long been a major source of work in the area.

The Pulse
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Friday, December 12, 2008
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