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[The terrorism and the Muslim World's relations with the West] (14 Dec 2008)


<p>Today&#39;s guest Ambassador Alaudeen A. Alaskary (Consul-General of Saudi Arabia) would mainly focus on discusses the terrorism and the Muslim World&#39;s relations with the West. Firstly, the terrorist attack in Mumbai will be discussed. As a Muslim, does he frustrate with the perception that the attack is another Muslim attack? Does he feel the World has unfairly tarnished the Muslim religion? Besides, the relationship between United States and Saudi Arabia will also be discussed. Will the relations with Saudi Arabia improve under Barack Obama or will worsen? Mr. Alaskary will talk about his expectation on Obama. Also, he will list out what must happen before the peace, living together comes. Finally, he will discuss about the issue of oil supplies. Does Saudi Arabia fail her duty to calm the oil prices? Why didn&#39;t they increase the output? And does he think the relationship with China becomes a focal point of global relations, as China is rising?</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 14, 2008
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