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Terry's Account of Favelas, Football and Brazil (25 Oct 2007)


Growing up and having lived for twenty years in Kwai Shing West Estate, Terry remembers most poignantly the scenes of choosing sides in football games by rock-paper-scissors. Good football players were always picked first, leaving "the rubbish" behind. Terry was once part of "the rubbish". Such humiliating experiences have taught him to strive to stand up.Terry wants to find a place that resonates with the call of his heart. The place is Brazil. Terry said: "Poor kids there play football, and it can even change their lives. The destination in my dreams is Brazil."In Brazil there are no public estates. 20% of the population in Rio de Janeiro live in over 500 favelas (slums). Favelas are the grass-root communities, just like public estates in Hong Kong. Terry visited the largest slum in South America, Favela Rocinha, where 200,000 people live. Standing on the footbridge to Rocinha, you can see small houses scattering all over the hills. From under his feet, Terry feels an unceasing movement of life in a strong and forceful pulse, which amazes and touches him deeply.

Youth Travelogue
Publish Date: 
Thursday, October 25, 2007
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