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Thailand : The Sirens (21 Jul 2005)


As an AIDS campaign activist in Thailand said, “ AIDS is a killer which doesn ’ t take a person ’ s life immediately. People who have contracted AIDS often die of discrimination from society. They die without being cared by society and people surrounding them. ” If AIDS is terrible, it ’ s because of people ’ s ignorance and bias.In July 2004, the incumbent Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra openly spoke for anti-AIDS. Civil organizations also staged street demonstrations to urge the public to fight against AIDS. Nevertheless, about 10-strong years ago, AIDS was a taboo to people in Thailand, including the Thai government.The first case of AIDS was detected in Thailand in 1984. Due to the government ’ s indifference, the disease spread across the country in the 80 decades. People were not aware that they might also contract the disease. Towards the end of the 80-decade, Thailand came across the first massive outbreak of AIDS. In some districts like Chiangmai in North Thailand, 70% of sex workers suffered from the disease. In 1991, there were 140,000 cases of AIDS in Thailand.It was not until after the coup d ’ etat in February 1991 that the new government of Thailand began to take positive measures to fight against AIDS. With the efforts of people from all strata and professions, including physicians, teachers, monks, sex workers and drug addicts, AIDS became contained.The war is still not over. It ’ s a long journey for the fight against AIDS. Looking back, the toil, pain and love of Thai people paid for AIDS is an invaluable lesson to us all.

Global Aid for AIDS
Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 21, 2005
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