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United States: Tainted Rainbow (18 Aug 2005)


"The social structure of multi-racial America can be reflected in the background of AIDS patients.They are of different skin colour, race and sex orientation. Michael, an American African, is gay; Shawn, a white man, is a haemophiliac; Rosemary, a mother, contracted AIDS from her ex-husband; Rickeena, a young girl, contracted the disease from her mother. These people told us, “ AIDS patients can have sex, love, offspring and future. ” The improvement in AIDS medication prolongs the life of AIDS sufferers and brings hope to them.Their life attitude is like the graffiti in the streets of Harlem in New York – it grows under whatever environment. Some of these people are taking cocktail treatment and bearing the side effect of different medications day after day.According to Dr. David Ho, vaccine for prevention of AIDS will not come into being in the next five years. To teach people how to prevent AIDS is still the most effective means to combat the disease at the time being."

Global Aid for AIDS
Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 18, 2005
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