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Venture Oversea (23 Mar 2003)


By 1985, computerised production had yet been widely applied in the thriving garment manufacturers in Hong Kong. In that year, James Tam's company, PrimaVision, released a self-developed computer is ramed knitting machine called Easyknit to cater for the needs of local factories, thus initiating a great step forward in Hong Kong's software development. Thanks to technological advancement, design functions were added to the machine to keep up with market demand. Through various generations of innovations, the product evolved into PrimaVision, which was a once-famous computer-aided design (CAD) software in Hong Kong, as well as around the world. Wong Fai, one of the first programmers of Tam's company, became a shareholder in 1992. He had, keeping in step with Tam, successfully opened up an international market for the Hong Kong-designed software, owing to their confidence in the product itself and their insight into the market. Though PrimaVision had been on the verge of insolvency as a result of over-expansion, it won Hong Kong Awards for Industry in 1996. Its product was elected the most popular CAD system in the United States of 1997. In 1999, the comrade-in- arms finally saw their business bearing fruit after ups and downs when it was acquired by a multinational French firm, or its former rival. In the programme, the duo will share their experience of running a business. Meanwhile, Dr Snell Robin Stanley, Associate Professor of Management, Lingnan University, will use PrimaVision's case as an example for illustration. He will also give advice on making a business strategy for small- and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs).

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 23, 2003
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