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Virtual Business for Real (01 Mar 2006)


Developing the creative industry is one of the top priorities of the Hong Kong government. The number of small and medium-size online game companies set up by various computer companies or young people is on the rise. The hope is to create miracles in the industry. But there are difficulties, particularly in face of competition from Korea, which has a five to six-year history in the same sector. In Mainland China, the annual turnover of online games rose from two billion RMB in 2002 to four billion RMB in 2004. The figure does not include such associated products spawned by online games as toy figures, souvenirs, animations, etc, the total value of which equals the annual turnover of all online games. Therefore, many companies in China are paying efforts to explore online game software with a view to acquiring a market share. In terms of manpower and capital, Hong Kong companies are lagging behind their China counterparts. Fortunately, the Chinese government offers substantial assistance to the online game businesses run by Hong Kong people in mainland. In addition, Hong Kong companies have a competitive edge in the mainland market as a result of the second phase of CEPA. Against this background of advantages, what difficulties do Hong Kong companies have to overcome in their developments in China?

Hong Kong Industries II
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
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