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Visiting Japan is Andy Yeung's first taste of traveling (01 Nov 2007)


Andy Yeung is not only a brilliant scaffolding builder but also a passionate lyricist. Growing up in public housing estate is one of Andy's works, in which he expresses how he feels towards the days he lived in a public housing estate. The song also serves as a collective recollection of a generation, born in the 70's, who spent their childhoods in these housing estates in Hong Kong.Filled with passion towards the housing estate where he was brought up, Andy boarded the plane and started the first trip of his life aboard.Public housing in Japan is pleasant, quiet, well equipped, and therefore admirable, yet it is not Andy's cup of tea. Although some might consider the public housing estates in Hong Kong messy and noisy, Andy really misses the lively atmosphere and richness in energy.After a long and winding JR journey, Andy finally arrives at Furukawa of Hida in the central part of Japan. He goes along the driveways where all the traditional wooden houses stand beside them, and reaches Setogawa Canal. Andy notices that the beauty there does not only come from its traditional architecture, but also from the residents' love towards Furukawa, a place that they strive to preserve the best they can.Back home, Cheung Sha Wan estate, the public housing estate where Andy was brought up, has turned into a golf practice centre. Standing in front of it, what comes to his mind?

Youth Travelogue
Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 1, 2007
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