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Wellcome Theatre; Aditi Mangaldas Dance; Harpist K; Songs from the Himalayas; Movie Review - "The Tiger and the Snow" (25 Apr 2006)


In 1886, a Scottish doctor, Patrick Manson persuaded local businessmen to invest in a company that would produce cows' milk and dairy produce in Hong Kong. The company was Dairy Farm. In 1983 the company closed its cowsheds in Pokfulam. Now they're being reopened, this time as an exhibition venue and an auditorium. Aditi Mangaldas is a kathak dancer, who combines the rhythm of kathak with the flexibility of yoga. She says she has removed its specifically geographical elelements to create a more modern form. She is presenting the premiere of her new piece "Timeless" in Hong Kong on Sunday 30th April. According to legend, the favourite instrument of the angels is the harp, even though there are theories that it originated with the sound of a hunter's plucked bow string. The Korean player Harpist K has brought a decidedly new slant to the instrument. In the studio, monks from the Thrangu Tashi Choling (Monastery) perform "Songs from the Himalayas – Sacred Music and Dance of Tibet". And in movie reviews, Gary Pollard tells us about the new Roberto Benigni comedy "The Tiger and the Snow", which is set in war-torn Iraq.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
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