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West Kowloon Cultural District consultation begins; The Law Reform Commission proposes a new press watchdog; Hong Kong's Nepali media; Film Review: "Shark Tale" (16 Dec 2004)


The exhibition on the proposals for the West Kowloon Cultural Development opens this week. We look at the ongoing discussion about the project and at just why our property companies have suddenly become interested in culture. With Hong Kong's two largest press groups, representing 80% of the market, ignoring the Press Council, the Law Reform Commission has proposed a new statutory body they will have to listen to. The news media are not happy with the idea. Interview with John Bacon-Shone of the Law Reform Commission and Kevin Lau of Ming Pao. With around 12,500 members the Nepalese community is one of Hong Kong's smallest. Not all of them speak English, so how do they keep in touch with what's going on both here, or worldwide? There is a varied, although small, Nepalese media: Newspapers, magazines, a website, and even a "film" company. Movie Watch: New animation film "The Shark's Tale ”

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Thursday, December 16, 2004
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