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[What can the Chief Executive do about the sky-high property prices and the widening rich-poor gap?] (10 Oct 2010)


<p>The issues of high property and rich-poor gap would be the main problem for the policy address this year. Mr. Albert Ho (Chairman of the Democratic Party) and Mr. Lau Kong-wah (Vice chairman of DAB Party) would discuss these two issues within this program. They believe that the housing and land policy would be the focus point in this year&#39;s policy address. What can Chief Executive deal with the high property prices in Hong Kong? What can the Chief Executive do to help poor people? Their suggestions and ideas would be shared. In addition, Mr. Lau suggests that there should be any donation from tycoons and mix with government&#39;s funding to help poor people. Mr. Albert Ho would show the package of proposal created by his party in tackling the housing needs from public</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 10, 2010
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