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[Where Hong Kong is headed for the new year on many issues we face?] (27 Dec 2009)


This program would discuss where Hong Kong is headed for the new year on many issues we face with Mr. Chris Yeung who is the news director of HK Economic Journal and Mr. Francis Moriarty who is a senior political reporter from RTHK. Issues of political reform such as a proposal of the reform and the resignation movement would be discussed at first. What would they see the future of Hong Kong politics? Is 2010 going to be a turning point in Hong Kong politics? In addition, Francis would point out that the fundamental issue of political reform conflict is "the trust between Beijing and Hong Kong people". Moreover, they think "generation split" may be the main cause of the split within the pan-democratic camp. Besides, are our politician overly concern about politics, political reform and ignoring big issues? Since other than politics, there are many big issues such as Economy, Education and Healthcare

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 27, 2009
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