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Who's rights? Who's right (02 May 2002)


The right of abode saga, which has dragged on for five years, came to another head in recent days with more skirmishes and police crackdowns. Even though the Court of Final Appeal had ruled remaining claimants must go back to the mainland by March 31st, many stayed, hoping to turn around the situation. And authorities have been relatively lenient in their treatment of them, until recently. Some have already gone underground, resigned to life as an illegal immigrant. Obviously tempers are frayed among the claimants and their families as prospects dim by the day, of any amnesty for them. Conversely, sympathy is fast waning, among Hong Kong people, for their plight. And at this crucial time, the claimants have lost their main champion, Father Franco Mella, who's on home leave in Italy for two months. This program details the lives of several diehard claimants and examines the latest situation.

Pearl Report
Publish Date: 
Thursday, May 2, 2002
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