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[Why has Hong Kong's younger generation suddenly become a new force in our politics?] (14 Feb 2010)


<p>Recently, the younger generation movements have been rising up to protect the Star Ferry and against the high speed railway issues. Why has Hong Kong younger generation suddenly become a new force in our politics? Where is the connection between the Star Ferry and the high speed railway? This program would have interview with Miss Mirana Sezto who is a spokesperson from Anti-express Rail Alliance. She will talk about the objects and aims of her movement group and her views on today&#39;s government system, also she will explain what is the most important for democratic city. Besides, she will answer the following questions: Does she feel Hong Kong younger generations have lost something that she has trying to reclaim? Why the movements like an angry movement?</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, February 14, 2010
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