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Wings on Wind (12 Oct 2005)


The Hong Kong Observatory has been providing vital meteorological information for the aviation industry. This information is highly important because a seconds-long wind shear and turbulence can cause difficulty in controlling a plane, claiming death of hundreds of people. How does the Airport Meteorological Office in Chek Lap Kok help ensure air safety? How do the sky-looking scientists at the office make a reliable wind shear and turbulence alert for aircrafts? This programme begins with a feature on glider replica amateurs and the physics of aviation. This is followed by a case study on Typhoon Imbudo in 2003. Professionals from the Observatory, Civic Aviation Department and aviation industry try to analyse the cause of wind shear and turbulence and their effects on the operations of the Hong Kong International Airport. The Hong Kong Observatory has spared no efforts in predicting the slightest change in weather condition in the airport. In addition to the original Doppler radar, it has also acquired the Lidar Detection and Ranging System as well as weather buoys in recent years, as the first weather organisation in the world to use this type of equipment in predicting wind shear and turbulence.

Meteorology Series
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
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