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World Trade Organisation's 6th Ministerial Conference (16 Dec 2005)


The Pulse aired before violence erupted in the streets on Saturday. For this WTO special we examine the MC6 meeting from a variety of perspectives. WTO – Inside the Hall While much of the media attention so far has been on the streets and the protestors, we look at what's actually been going on inside the Convention Centre, and at how the negotiations appear to be going so far. WTO – The Fair Trade campaigns Some NGO's are using the MC6 meeting as an opportunity to draw more attention to fair trade issues. Their message - if you want fair trade, do it yourself. WTO – The Press Corps The meeting has brought media from all over the world here, reflecting a variety of international perspectives. The meeting can be complicated or over-simplified by the media. How do the international media choose to report it. WTO – Not Your Average Visitors Whether they are for it or against it, the WTO MC6 meeting has brought visitors from all over the world to Hong Kong. It's probably the biggest international meeting since the Lion's Club International Conference. And they come with a variety of viewpoints and aims.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, December 16, 2005
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