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XRL Co-location controversy & HK 1967 Riots (29 Jul 2017)


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The whole point of the Express Rail Link, 26 kilometres of which crosses Hong Kong, is that it’s supposed to be an “Express” rail link. It will service 16 cities in China. Travel times from Hong Kong to Beijing will be around nine and a half hours and seven and a half hours to Shanghai. The government says that convenience will be lost if travellers have to pass through two border controls so it wants mainland officials to operate in Hong Kong, imposing mainland law. Critics say this will knock a huge hole in the Basic Law. With me in the studio are legislator and Convenor of Roundtable, Michael Tien and former legislator and Senior Counsel Alan Leong.It’s fifty years since, in the long hot summer of 1967, the mass insanity of the Cultural Revolution spread to Hong Kong in the form of riots, bombings and murder. The disturbances began as labour disputes, but local leftists saw this as an opportunity to spread communist fervour, some of those involved even believed that the mayhem would force the British to return Hong Kong to Chinese rule. Most of the local population did not share their fervour, particularly when bombs killed innocent victims, including children. Bomb disposal experts were called to defuse as many as 8,000 suspected explosive devices, of which 1,100 were real. For almost eight months, the territory was embroiled in violent demonstrations, strikes, murder and intimidation.

The Pulse
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Saturday, July 29, 2017
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