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XRL Co-location non-bidding motion debate, Rules of Procedure & Willy Lam on 19th NCCPC (28 Oct 2017)


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 Chief Executive Carrie Lam may have said she wanted to play nice with pro-democratic legislators and indeed there was even a moment last week when a partial rapprochement seemed possible as nine pan-democrat lawmakers turned up for lunch with her, breaking a longstanding boycott. But it didn’t last. After a long period of withholding information on the Express Rail co-location arrangements, the government has now decided that it wants legislator’s support for the plan – and it wants that to happen very fast. Last Tuesday, Ms Lam ordered the delay of a Legco debate on relaxing stamp duty for some home buyers so as to make way for the Express Rail debate. She said time is very tight for local legislation for the “Three-step Process” so it can be endorsed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in December. But pro-democracy legislators are suspicious about the sudden urgency. And confrontation has not only intensified, it has spread to arguments over Legco’s rules and procedures. On Wednesday, the Communist Party of China announced its new leadership line-up. President Xi Jinping cemented his position as the country’s leader and party chief and gave no indication as to who will succeed him, something that is usual in a leader’s second term. Xi said China is entering a new era, one in which “Xi Jinping Thought” has now been enshrined in the Party constitution. On Tuesday, activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law were released on bail until 7th November when their applications for appeal are to be heard. The two were sentenced in August to respectively six and eight months in jail for unlawful assembly in Civic Square ahead of the occupation of Admiralty. We’ll leave you with images of their release. And hopefully see you next week. Goodbye.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017
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