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You are happy, I am happy Tam King-yu (25 Sep 2007)


Tam King-yu was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 14. In the following 14 years taking pills and injections had become a habit. But what was hard to swallow were the discrimination and indifference along the way. Not knowing the key to communication she resided with loneliness. All that was to be contrasted with the present King-yu, who carries a smile on her face making friends wherever she goes. She was a trainee at the retail store of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. In the last few months she was promoted as a regular staff, running every errand of the store all by herself. She has never imagined that she can manage a job, through which she revives her confidence and heads towards rehabilitation.King-yu likes to convey to others that a mentally rehabilitated person can be a truly happy person too. Each day she strives to be a better person through her persistence in life. Before, she had perceived her illness to be a curse, but slowly and gradually, she realized that illness can be a blessing too. She never thought her experience could be a support to other patients. Her wish is to have people knowing more about mental illnesses, and to respect and accept those who suffered from them.For a moment, King-yu realizes she is not alone in this lonely war. Her parents and friends never leave her, but go through each day with her. There are ups and downs to life and one has to live up to it. She trusts that the illness is a blessing in disguise, from God she experiences love and learns to love, knowing very well that it is a life-long lesson.Director: Jackie Yip

The undefeated
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
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