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Arts Unlimited

History and the arts are inexhaustible sources from which we can draw on to enrich our lives and to develop the society in which we live.

Inside Story

Psychologically immature, young offenders are given a chance to rehabilitate in Chinese prisons.

集體回憶 : 文化經典

五、六十年代,社會趨向社交自由化,無論男女皆開始關注自身形象。隨?年代的改變,人們亦會以不同的方法,或含蓄、或積極,去追求達致「美」的形象。 女士為追求身材曲線,以增加自信及吸引力。直到八十年代隨?社會漸趨富裕,肥胖成為女士煩惱的問題,興起「減肥」概念,進展到近年的「纖體瘦身」,亦是社會上對「美」的標準一大改變。