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本集訪問普通市民對董建華辭職的感受, 請政界人士探討董後香港政局

Pearl Report

Hong Kong people are retiring earlier than ever, and they are living longer after they retire. This two-part series focus on the impact of early retirment and ageing problem on Hong Kong.

Pearl Report

This episode looks into a village in Beijing, which is dubbed Shang Fang Cun. It is a place accomodating people with grimaces against regional governments.


探討政府勾地政策; 行政長官請辭傳聞如何影響股市的走勢; 訪問中遠太平洋董事副總經理黃天佑,看看該公司未來的收購合併計劃; 今年香港上市公司將要使用一套與國際更加接軌的會計準則來計算公司業績,探討新舊準則的一些不同之處。


北京有個"上訪村", 住著從全國各地來上訪的人。 本集展示上訪者的生活處 境, 探討現行信訪制度