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本節目重溫 2008 年發生的事件, 包括上半年通脹加劇; 連串工潮問題; 東亞銀行擠提; 雷曼債券事件; 公司接連倒閉及裁員潮; 颱風接連襲港; 新一屆立會選舉; 連串衝?政府管治能力事件; 藝人網上淫照事件; 亞視行政總裁王維基辭職; 毒奶粉事件; 流感恣虐; 與及嘉禾大廈大火

Looking back at 2008: Around the World

<p>The programme takes a look at the events that affect the world, including global economic crisis, the succession of new president in United States, continuing dispute in the Middle East, a

Looking back at 2008: Hong Kong

<p>The program takes a look at the events that affect Hong Kong, including the problem of the Asian financial crisis; new legislative election; a series of controversial policies faced by gov


<p>Why was it such a terrible year for Donald Tsang and his administration?


<p>Today&#39;s program will interview with Uncle Ray (RTHK Host, &quot;All the way with Ray&quot;), who has been working as DJ for 58 years.