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The Library subscribes to over 28 local and overseas newspapers in print format. Current issues are kept in the 1/F Reading Room newspaper racks, with back issues shelved in the Back Issue Newspapers Room on 1/F (MB 101/12). Some popular newspapers are kept in the Free Magazine Corner in the Cafe. Back issues of overseas newspapers are retained for 6 months and locals, 3 months.


Newspaper clippings from local newspapers from 1980 to June 1999 are also available in print, microfilm or electronic format.


The Library also subscribes to online newspaper databases - WiseNews , Factiva and Hong Kong Newspaper Clippings Index(香港報章剪報目錄) - to retrieve the local newspaper clippings.
  • WiseNews provides users with full-text searching and browsing of local newspapers via the WWW. The Database is updated daily with an archive dated back to 1998.
  • Factiva's News Pages also provide a quick link to current and archived news from Singtao (back to 1995), Ming Pao (back to 1996), the HK Economic Journal (from 1997) and the South China Morning Post (back to 1984).
  • Hong Kong Newspaper Clippings Index 1980-1999 香港報章剪報目錄  archives the newspaper clippings of local newspapers from 1980-1999.
The following newspapers are also available in microfilm in the MLLC (2/F):
  • Hong Kong Economic Journal 信報 (1986- )
  • Ming Pao 明報 (1959- ) 
  • Sing Tao Daily 星島日報 (1938- ) 
  • Sing Tao Wan Pao 星島晚報 (1946-1994) 
  • South China Morning Post 南華日報 (1904-1995, 1998- ) (also available in electronic format via Academic Universe (1992- ), Factiva (1984- ) and CD-ROM ( 1993- 1997)) 
Microfilm and microfiche readers/copiers are provided in the MLLC. Users can borrow microforms from the Media Services Counter.