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Library Notice

Located on the 1/F of the Library, the Late Reading Room is a cosy and collaborative commons that supports quiet reading and private study.

The Late Reading Room serves as a learning hub to meet students’ quiet study needs and is available overnight. The Room provides students with 6 large study tables and 60 seats on a first-come-first-served basis. High Use Books are for overnight access. You may check them out at the Self-Checkout Station and sterilise them with the book steriliser outside the Room.

The new Computer Room, connected to the Late Reading Room, will also be open for overnight access except during the cleaning time. In addition to Wi-Fi connections and power sockets, the Computer Room is equipped with Notebook Computers, Multi-Function Printers (MFP), and toilets.

For users’ safety, security guards are stationed outside the Room to patrol the overnight study area regularly.

Access and Hours

  • Only Lingnan staff and students are eligible to use the Late Reading Room after the Library closes.
  • Eligible users can access the Late Reading Room via the Entrance on 1/F.
  • Users are required to tap/present their cards at the gate when both entering and leaving the Library.
  • The Late Reading Room is closed for 30 minutes for cleaning every day before the Library reopens. The opening hours of the Library and the cleaning schedule of the Late Reading Room can be viewed on the Library and Service Counter Opening Hours page.

Using the Room

  • Both the Late Reading Room and Computer Room are for quiet study.
  • No food or drinks, and no loud discussions are allowed. Always be considerate to others.
  • Users should take care of their personal valuables and belongings and not leave them unattended in the Library.
  • Users are required to leave the Library with their personal belongings during the closing time.
  • All Library users are reminded to observe the Library Regulations.