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Service Guidelines on "WhatsApp a Librarian"


WhatsApp a Librarian: (+852) 6057-6002

Whatsapp qr code
Scan the QR code or Click HERE to "WhatsApp a Librarian"!

What is "WhatsApp a Librarian"?

  • It is a direct and user-friendly service for Library users to use WhatsApp to contact librarians, so as to locate general Library information and seek assistance when using the Library.

What do I need for "WhatsApp a Librarian"?

  • You need a mobile device, with the WhatsApp application installed, and connected to Wi-FI or mobile network, before you can contact the librarians by WhatsApp.

What is the service hours of "WhatsApp a Librarian"?

  • The service hours is 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday (except holidays) unless specified otherwise. Enquiries received beyond the service hours would be answered on the next service day.
  • Please note that the turnaround time of the replies would be normally within 15 minutes. For urgent enquiries, please contact the Library at 2616-8571 / 2616-8586.

When should I use "WhatsApp a Librarian"?

  • If you need a quick and brief answer of the Library resources and services, please utilize this service.
  • If you have a question on research and expect the librarians to have a more detailed and in-depth reply, you are encouraged to send an email to, or use the "Research Consultation" service to meet our librarians.