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Request / Renewals

  1. HOLD: Click "REQUEST" in 1-Search, users can place hold requests for books on display or exhibition and books in the General Collection. Instructions for placing online request is available here.
    The hold quota for each type of users are as follows,                                                    
    Borrower Type Hold Quotas
    Academic Staff / Staff & Postgraduate students (UGC funded) / Council or Court Members 30
    Undergraduate students (UGC funded) / Self-financed Degree students 15
    JULAC Library Card / Lingnan University Alumni / External Borrower Card / Staff's Spouse / Long-serving Retired Staff Cardholders 10
  2. MORE THAN 1 HOLD: If there are more than 1 hold to any item, the loan period will be shortened to 1 week for students and 2 weeks for staff and postgraduate students.
  3. IN PROCESS of CATALOGUING ITEMS: Users can request "In Process of Cataloguing" items through click "REQUEST" in 1-Search. Items requested for immediate process will be ready for pick up within 3 working days.
  4. PICK-UP: When your requested item is available, a pick-up message will be sent to you by e-mail and also shown on your online circulation record. You may then go to the Circulation Counter to pick up your item. Please note that the Circulation Counter will hold your items for 3 days only.
  5. RECALL: Books charged out by Borrower (except JULAC Borrower Card / Long-serving Retired Staff Cardholders) are subjected to recall 14 days after they have been charged out and should be returned within 7 days after the recall notice is sent out. HKALL charged out by users are subject to recall 15 days after they have been charged out and should be returned within 7 days after the recall notice is sent out.

Missing Item Search

When the user hasn't found the item on the shelf twice, he/she can fill in a form of "Record of Missing Items" at the Circulation Counter. When the item is found, a notice will be sent to the user and then the item will be placed on the Hold Shelf.


If no other library users have requested the books you have checked out, you can renew the books at your Library Account.  The new due date is calculated from the date of renewal.  The maximum allowable renewal period can be referred to the Borrowing Privileges page.
For Lingnan Library books/materials and HKALL books checked out by our staff and student, books with a loan period of 15 days or more will be renewed automatically on the original due date, till the maximum allowable checkout period, provided that no hold request has been made for the same item by other users, and the user does not have any overdue item and overdue fine.
On every Monday, the Library System will email a summary to alert each borrower his/her current check out activities, including overdue items and fines.
3 days grace period will be granted for staff and students on overdue General Collection and HKALL items.  That means items that are returned within 3 library opening days from the due date, over fines will not be charged.