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AV Equipment at Multimedia Booths

Located at the Lee Hak Kan Multimedia and Language Centre (MLLC), a total of 12 Multimedia Production Booths supported by ITSC are available for users to digitize and edit audio and video materials for their learning and research needs. Please click here for details of the booths and the software available. Users are welcome to reserve these booths via the Room Booking System.

(insert photo of the multimedia booth)

Microfilm Readers

Two microfilm readers are setup in Lee Hak Kan Multimedia and Language Centre (MLLC) for viewing the microfilm collections there. Please follow the steps below to use the readers.

  1. Switch on the computer and the microfilm reader at its back.
  2. Open the "Power Scan 2000".
  3. Choose the size of the film.
  4. Install the film.
  5. Adjust the image by "Zoom In / Out", "rotate" or adjust the brightness and contrast.
  6. To scan some information, move the green frame to that part and press "Scan to Drive".
  7. To print the information, press "Print to Drive".
  8. After finish viewing the film, pleasepull out the reader and press "Rewind" twice.
  9. Log off the computer and switch off the power of the reader.
Self-Checkout Stations

A self-checkout station is available next to the Circulation Counter at the Lobby. You can check out the library items yourself easily and more conveniently by following the on-screen instruction or this user guide.

Self-Checkout Stations

Book Sterilizer

A new book sterilizer has been installed at the Lobby for sterilization of the library books. Each time up to six regular-sized books can be sterilized in about one minute.