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Library Notice

Located on the M/F of the Library, the LU Barn serves as the extended library functions and technology-rich amenity to offer a collaboration and makerspace for users interested in STEM, development, creation and entrepreneurship where tools and equipment will be available for prototyping and ideation. To inspire users more about this service arena, the Library created a LU Barn (Makerspace) Collection.


Eligible Users

Lingnan University Staff and Students

Opening Hours

LU Barn is open for use during the library’s opening hours. Click here for more details.



3D Printing: Users can submit their 3D objects (in STL format) using the 3D printing request form.

Laser Cutting/Engraving: Users can book the Laser Cutter / Engraver via the Library Rooms/Facilities Booking System.

Rules and Regulations

  • LU Barn is not a Quiet Zone. Users are welcome to have discussions for collaboration in this area. However, any interference that may affect other users in the Library is prohibited.
  • Activities that may produce excessive noise, smoke, dust or vapour are prohibited unless approved by University Librarian or his/her delegates.
  • Users could only use the basic tools and materials provided or permitted by LU Barn.
  • Users should put back any tool(s) borrowed from LU Barn in place after use and must tidy up the used area before leaving LU Barn.
  • Stealing or damaging any facilities (including but not limited to tools and materials) in LU Barn will be treated as a violation of Library Regulations. The Library reserves the right to report to authorities for further investigation.
  • Users may bare risks and consequences regarding damage to facilities in LU Barn and the works when using LU Barn. Library staff will not take any responsibilities.
  • Users should take their personal belongings away before leaving LU Barn.
  • Notwithstanding anything terms above, the University Librarian shall have the discretion to make special rules on the appropriate use of the facilities and the area.

LU Barn (Makerspace) Collection

The LU Barn (Makerspace) Collection comprises a wide range of titles relevant to makerspace and STEAM topics. Click the image below to browse the titles.

LU Barn Collection

Contact Us

Please contact us via for any enquiries and collaborations with LU Barn services and facilities.