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Library Notice

3D printing is a great tool to reproduce and realize creative 3D designs. Inside LU Barn on the M/F of the Library, four 3D printers were installed to provide 3D printing services to eligible users.

Printer Specifications & Accepted File Format 

Model Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5
Build volume Maximum 330 (W) x 240 (L) x 300 (H) mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4
Print speed < 24 mm³ /s
Filament Ultimaker 2.85mm PLA
Ultimaker 2.85mm TPU 95A
(Single color printing)
PLA (White / Red / Blue / Yellow / Silver)
TPU (White)
Accepted File formats* STL
Software Ultimaker Cura

Types of 3D Printer Filaments

(Polylactic Acid)
(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Flexibility Rigid  Flexible 
Strength  Higher Stiffness Lower Stiffness, Excellent Impact Resistance
Ease of Use Easy Expert Use 
Post-Processing Easy for Sanding and Painting More Challenging 

Prototyping, Decorative Items, Rigid Parts

Flexible Parts, Gaskets, Seals, Wearables

Use Case

More Popular; Suitable for Beginners

For Experts Only

Submit a request & User Rules

Please submit the 3D objects through the 3D Printing Request Form.

Eligible Users: Staff and Student
  • The unauthorized use of 3D Printers is not allowed.
  • All printing requests should be made through the 3D Printing Request Form. Library staff will process the printing and notify the users via email when the item is ready for pick-up.
  • Printing time varies based on the print queue, object size, design, and complexity. To ensure timely receipt of the object, it is advised to submit the file at least 2 weeks before the required date.
  • The finished 3D print item must be picked up by the individual who submitted the request or their designee by showing the pick-up notification email within 7 working days after receiving the email or else the items will be disposed.
  • Users should not reach the working area of the 3D printers while they are in operation.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any suspicious or illegal print job requests, and cannel any printing jobs which violate the regulations of the library and the Law of Hong Kong.
  • The library cannot guarantee item quality or stability, nor the confidentiality of the final product. Users are responsible for taking the finishing steps, including removing rafts/ supports, sanding, removing the paper backing, etc. by themselves.
  • The estimated printing time is for reference. The actual printing time might vary, depending on the number of in-process print requests in the queue. Users will receive a pick-up email notification when the item is ready.
  • Files formats other than STL files are not accepted for the 3D printing service provided by LU Barn.
  • The size of the print objects must lie within the scale and proportion assigned by the library.
  • Users must use materials provided by LU Barn.