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Library Notice


The Library strives to become the knowledge hub and intellectual heart of Lingnan University to support and advance its scholarly pursuits.


The Library is committed to develop fit-for-purpose collections, maximize access to scholarly resources, provide innovative services, and create compelling space and facilities to enrich the learning, teaching and research of the University.

Strategic Plan 2022-2028

The University has developed the Strategic Plan 2022-2028 on the basis of its continual commitment to excellence and the solid achievements made in the past to outline the goals and strategies that will guide its development in the next six years. To support the University’s six key strategic areas and the associated initiatives, the Library has set forth the following strategic themes and goals that align with the University’s strategic priorities to guide the Library on the development and implementation of its annual action plan. Building on the past foundation, and in view of the opportunities as well as threats presented, these strategies will strive to maximize our strengths to bring continuous improvement to library services and facilities.

Themes Goals
Supporting Student Learning and Teaching Needs
Build and manage the library collections to fit with University priorities in academic programmes development 
Maximize the access to scholarly resources regardless of format and location for Lingnan community
Sharpen the digital literacy and research skills of students
Promote emerging scholarship
Developing Research Support Services
Explore and develop unique research resources
Promote Open Access across the University
Grow effective research data management services
Enhance Scholarly Communication services
Creating Innovative Physical and Virtual Space
Develop the physical space as a technology-enhanced teaching and learning hub, and the virtual presence as the   gateway to information resources and services
Critically review and revitalize the use of existing space of the Library to continuously enhance user learning experience 
Develop Library space to support the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Engaging in Entrepreneurship Initiatives
Establish productive partnership with units and departments in the University to support the Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiatives
Create space in the Library for design thinking and entrepreneurial activities
Cultivate a wider and deeper alumni network to solicit their support for the University’s entrepreneurship initiatives 
Maintaining Sustainable Development
Build a sustainable and competent manpower force
Sustain financial resources
Enhance the internal operational efficiency by regularly reviewing and eradicating legacy services, facilities and office practices