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Prof. Ming K. Chan specialized in labour union matters, Sino–foreign relations and studies on Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong, with many impactful scholarly books and articles published.

Prof. Chan passed away in October 2018. His family donated part of his research collection to Lingnan University Library, covering newspaper clippings, reference books or articles, and other personal correspondence and notes that Prof. Ming K. Chan collected or created for his research in relation to labour union history and Hong Kong Studies. Indexing of records is currently in progress to form the "Collection on Prof. Ming K. Chan's Research", with a selection of materials to be digitized for wider access for researchers.

The "Launching Ceremony & Exhibition of Collection on Prof. Ming K. Chan's Research" was held on 24th November 2020 at Lingnan University Library. Prof. Lau Chi Pang was invited to officiate the ceremony while Prof. Liu Shuyong delivered a subject talk.

List of Books / Journal Issues


Consists of over 175 volumes of books or selected issues of journals relevant to labour union or related areas, covering China studies or studies of Hong Kong, Guangdong, Macao, Sino–US relations, political sciences, education, etc. from Prof. Chan’s collection.

Newspaper Clippings and Indexes

包含陳明銶教授大量有關香港工運剪報的資料,內容源自30年代末期至40年代期間在香港出版的主要報章及少量其他亞洲鄰近地區報紙。剪報資料編排有序,陳教授更為剪報資料以手寫形式整理出兩套索引 (索引列表及索引咭),以助查閱報章內容。

Consists of Prof. Chan’s numerous labour union-related newspaper clippings, mostly from major newspapers published in Hong Kong and publications in neighbouring regions in Asia, spanning from 1936 to 1949. The clippings are systematically arranged and accompanied with specific index lists and cards handwritten by Prof. Chan. The digitized indexes are available in Chinese only.

Correspondences and Manuscripts

保存了陳明銶教授與杜克大學歷史系德利克教授寫作《國立勞動大學 (1927–1932) : 無政府主義與近代中國教育革命嘗試》時用過的參考資料及相關通訊紀錄。

Consists of the reference materials used and correspondences between Prof. Ming K. Chan and Prof. Arif Dirlik during the research and publication process of the book "Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang, and the National Labor University in Shanghai, 1927–1932".