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Book Launch Event — "Political Ecologies of Landscape"
Dr. Creighton Paul CONNOLLY , Assistant Professor, School of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University
Prof. Tim BUNNELL, Director, Asia Research Institute and Department of Geography, National University of Singapore
Dr. Gwynn JENKINS, Consultant in Heritage Architecture, Cultural, Social and Urban Anthropology, UK
Dr. Juan Miguel KANAI, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Sheffield
Institute of Policy Studies
School of Graduate Studies
Bristol University Press
14 September 2022
4:30 p.m.
14 September 2022
6:00 p.m.
Computer Room, 1/F Library & Real-time online session via Zoom
Target Audience

In this book launch event, Dr. Creighton CONNOLLY introduces his book, ‘Political Ecologies of Landscape’, which traces large-scale urban redevelopment in Penang, Malaysia, and the governance innovations formulated by local civil society organisations to rework them in a more socio-ecologically sustainable manner. Three expert panellists have also been invited to share their reflections on the book and its wider implications for research on Penang and Malaysia; heritage conservation; urbanisation; and infrastructure. Following the presentations, there will be space for questions and discussion points from the audience.



Connolly uses ongoing urban redevelopment in Penang in Malaysia to provide stimulating new perspectives on urbanisation, governance and political ecology.
The book deploys the concept of landscape political ecology to show how Penang residents, activists, planners and other stakeholders mobilize new relationships with the urban environment, to contest controversial development projects and challenge hegemonic visions for the city’s future.
Based on six years of local research, this book provides both a dynamic account of region’s rapid reshaping and a fresh theoretical framework in which to consider issues of sustainable development, heritage and governance in urban areas worldwide.

You can access the book here.