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Library Notice

Open Access (OA) initiative aims at transforming scholarly publishing towards a barrier-free approach and making the research outputs of researchers to all users at no cost. To support OA Publishing @ LU, the Library is committed to explore suitable Read and Publish (R&P) agreements with major publishers / institutions that would allow LU researchers to publish OA with wider dissemination of our scholarly outcomes.

Cambridge University Press - Humanities and Social Science Collection

The Library has entered a “Read & Publish” Agreement with Cambridge University Press that has been commenced in 2022. Under this agreement, LU researchers are eligible to publish their "accepted manuscripts" with Open Access (OA) at no additional cost, upon fulfilling the following conditions:  

  1. ACCEPTED for Publication in CUP’s suite of journals within Humanities and Social Sciences Collection (HSS Collection) (with Gold OA / Hybrid OA option)  [Journal List]
  2. Date of Acceptance : Fall within 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2023
  3. Have a Corresponding Author AFFILIATED with Lingnan University
  4. Eligible Article Types:
    • Research Article
    • Review Article (except Book Review)
    • Rapid Communication
    • Brief Report
    • Case Report

Already having an Article Accepted in CUP - HSS Collections?

Please follow “Step-by-Step Guide” and observe some important notes highlighted for LU researchers below:

"Step-by-Step guide to publishing OA in Cambridge Journals" (PDF)

Point to note:

  • You are the corresponding author and use “Lingnan University” as your primary institutional affiliation. Please use your Lingnan email address when submitting your work.
  • Upon reaching “Publication Decision” stage, choose "Gold Open Access" and your preferred Creative Commons license (e.g. CC-BY)
  • Corresponding author will then receive an email from the Publisher's Rightslink system to process Article Process Charges (APCs)
  • Register and log in to the Rightslink. You will then see a notification funding options. Check "Seek Funding from the Lingnan University" option.
  • Upon receiving your response, CUP will check if the article is eligible for APC wavier based on the corresponding author's institution information.

Other useful information:

Need Assistance on OA Publishing?

Contact Library Research Support Team [Tel: 2616-8553; Email:]