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Library Notice
DC @ Lingnan publishes and preserves the scholarship and creative works of the Lingnan community and to share them with a global audience. Its outcomes showcase the breadth and depth of the University’s scholarly activities.
Who Can Contribute?
Any members affiliated with Lingnan and any of its related groups may deposit materials, including items that are co-authored / created with other non-Lingnan individuals / groups. DC @ Lingnan accepts also content created by non-Lingnan affiliated authors / organization, to which are originated from Lingnan-related events, e.g. conferences or seminars.
Content Scope
Content host on DC @ Lingnan include but not limited to:

  • Journal articles (Preprint / Postprints)
  • Working Papers
  • Book Chapters
  • Monographs
  • Conference papers, proceedings or presentations
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Peer-reviewed Journal published by Lingnan Community
  • Newsletters
  • Creative Works
  • Multimedia
  • Datasets / Software
  • Student Scholarship
Materials Format
DC @ Lingnan supports many common application file formats for texts, images, video or audio files. We recommend contributor to provide the digital files in the access-level-formats, e.g. .pdf; .mpeg; .jpeg). You may contact Research Support Team for support to convert the files into access-level format.
Supported publication types
E-Journal Publication, Conference Publication, Online Book Publication, Image Galleries
Organization of Content
Content on DC @ Lingnan are organized into Communities or Subcommunities according to the organizational structure of the University (faculties, departments, units, research centres or other groups). Each community carries Content Series representing groupings of related content as records. Each record carries both digital objects and metadata (e.g. title, author, abstracts) of each individual piece of intellectual work. Depending on the types of content, additional communities would be built, e.g. books, journals or archival collection to facilitate easy browsing.
DC Communities
Metadata is generated from basic information about each submitted content to support retrieval and management of resources. Metadata formats on DC @ Lingnan are principally mapped to Dublin Core elements. Custom metadata elements may be used if no suitable Dublin Core element or element refinement exists to facilitate full description of a content. The Library reserves the right to edit all metadata to conform to current standards and to adopt metadata best practices for discoverability of content. Depending on service needs and resource availability, additional normalization work would be performed including but not limited to fixing typos, normalizing values, adding abstracts / subject tags / keywords to enhance discoverability. Anyone may access or reuse the metadata free of charge in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes, provided the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record is given.
Metadata of DC @ Lingnan can be retrieved via Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

Entering only the base URL in a browser will return an error message, since the OAI protocol requires that a verb be associated with each request. For harvesting repository content, the most common requests utilize the List Records verb.

Submission of Content
Content Series should be created prior to any content submission. Research Support Team of the Library would support members across the University to evaluate the content and to build appropriate content series for submission. Currently, the Library provides two ways to submit content to DC @ Lingnan:

  • Mediated-submission: Library to organize and submit content on behalf of the Department who initiated the content submission (actual implementation and progress would depend on resource availability at a given time).
  • Unmediated-submission: Department to administer the content series and handle content submission.

Apart from disseminating previously-published works, DC @ Lingnan also support Electronic Publishing Services that allow your community to publish E-Journal; E-Book; Conference Page and Image Gallery. Please click HERE for more details.

Withdrawal of Content
DC @ Lingnan is intended to provide persistent access to deposited content. Nevertheless, it is foreseeable that there may be circumstances to withdraw content from DC @ Lingnan. Content will mostly be removed due to copyright queries raised by creators, authors or copyright owners. Withdrawn content would not be deleted from DC @ Lingnan, but are removed from public view. Their identifiers or URLs are retained indefinitely. As the content may have been cited, we will always supply a “tombstone” citations when someone requests a withdrawn content. The metadata should be visible, but neither is it searchable nor available for metadata harvesting.
DC @ Lingnan at your service
DC @ Lingnan is maintained for Lingnan University by the Research Support Team of the Library. Individual Department / Unit can share the administrative rights of the respective “Community” and its associated content series. Configure the page of Community / Content Series:

  • Maintain existing content being hosted on DC @ Lingnan
  • Unmediated Content Upload
  • Papers Submission and Editorial Management
Intellectual Property and Copyright
The content creator retains the full copyright of materials deposited to DC @ Lingnan, and grant the Library with non-exclusive distribution rights for education and non-commercial purpose, as well as preservation rights of the materials.
Inclusion of previously published works by third party on DC @ Lingnan is dependent on the warranty of the creator / copyright holder which licenses / agreements allow for Open Access. The Library encourages researchers / scholars to retain your rights to reuse or disseminate your own research. See also "Author's Rights" to understand more about your rights.
Referencing Style
DC @ Lingnan supports proper referencing by adopting APA format (6th Ed.) in record's recommended citation field. The Library's Research Support Team would update record's citation manually according to APA format. Please note that there would be an interim referencing style defaulted by system before any manual adjustment.
You are welcome to contact Library's Research Support Team for any assistance in citing sources:
Tel: (+852) 2616 8553