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Library Notice

Effective From 1 January 2024

The University has established the Open Access Publishing Support Fund (Lingnan-OA Fund) as a pilot fund to support Lingnan authors to publish in Open Access (OA) Journals.

Lingnan-OA Fund aims at:

  • Offsetting the cost of Article Processing Charges (APC) for Lingnan authors
  • Supporting the transition to a more sustainable scholarly publishing model
  • Fostering boarder public access of scholarly outputs published by Lingnan authors

Lingnan-OA Fund, administered by the Library, would be available for a 2-year period (1 Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2025), on a first-come, first served basis until the fund has been exhausted.  It works on a reimbursement mechanism to fund 50% of the cost of APC or up to a maximum of USD1,500 per article (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) whichever is the lower, upon the compliance with all funding eligibility criteria.

In order to allow more Lingnan authors to share the benefits of OA publishing, Lingnan-OA Fund would take priority to support those “unfunded” authors who do not have access to or is not able to solicit enough funding to settle APC from other sources e.g. grants, contracts or other block grant. Researchers are recommended to budget OA publishing expenses in their grant proposal as deemed appropriate.

Funding Eligibility Criteria

1. Author Eligibility

  • Current Lingnan staff / students of the following categories would be eligible to apply Lingnan-OA Fund:
    • Active Academic and Research Staff
    • Postgraduate Students (MPhil, PhD or Doctorate Degree Students)
  • Submitting staff / students should be the corresponding author of the article concerned.
  • Submitting staff / students must have an ORCID iD registered in Lingnan Scholars. (Click Here for ORCID iD Creation / Connection)

2. Article Eligibility

  • Only Peer-reviewed Journal Articles are currently supported
  • Date of Acceptance for Publication should fall within 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2025
  • The Article Processing Charges schedule of the journal / article concerned should be publicly accessible.
  • Publisher of the journal is preferably a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and should be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Lingnan-OA Fund would take priority to fund a journal article IF it is indexed in any of the following lists (based on the latest list as of the time when the application is being processed):
    • Scopus Indexed Journals
    • Web of Science Core Collection (Journals indexed in SSCI, AHCI, SCI, ESCI)
    • Lingnan University – Internal Journal Ratings
    • 中文社会科学引文索引来源期刊 (CSSCI)
    • 臺灣人文及社會科學期刊評比暨核心期刊 (THCI)

3. Use of Fund

  • Funds are approved on first come, first served basis until it has been exhausted.
  • Awarded OA Fund can ONLY be used for supporting APC of Open Access publishing. Other Non-OA-related charges, e.g. reprints, translation, colour illustration, non-open access pages charges, administrative fee or other fees, are NOT COVERED and will NOT be reimbursed.

4. Publication and Attribution

  • Funded article must have “Lingnan University” as the organization affiliation.
  • Funded article should be published under a Creative Commons License, with its full contents must be made freely accessible immediately upon initial publication at no cost to the reader.
  • If feasible, fund recipient should add an acknowledgment to the article sponsored by Lingnan-OA Fund: “Partial funding for Open Access was supported by Lingnan-Open Access Publishing Support Fund”.

Application and Reimbursement Arrangement


  1. Corresponding Lingnan author would need to solicit fund to pay the FULL APC in his/her own accord.  Reimbursement for successful application through Lingnan-OA Fund will only be made when the article has been proven as ACCEPTED for publication and the corresponding author has been invoiced for Full APC.
  2. BEFORE submitting application to Lingnan-OA Fund, please check if the article will be published in journals of the following publishers with which the Library has entered OA Publishing Agreements:
    • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
    • Cambridge University Press (CUP)
    • Springer Nature
    • Wiley

Please DO NOT pay APC or submit any application to Lingnan-OA Fund if you wish to publish your article as OA in journals of the above publishers. Please contact the Library at ( | 26168553) for assistance or Click HERE for more details OA Publishing Agreements.

[Full List of journals covered under existing OA Publishing Agreements @ Lingnan]

Fill in the Open Access Publishing Support Fund Request Form:

All applications will be thoroughly reviewed against all funding eligibility criteria.