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Library Notice

Self-archiving in Lingnan Scholars allows you to comply with Green Open Access requirements. We encourage all university staff for self-archiving your Submitted Manuscripts or Accepted Author Manuscripts. By self-archiving, you can make your research openly accessible and increase its impact in the academic community. This page provides a step-by-step guideline on how to self-archive your manuscripts in Lingnan Scholars.

Requirements for Self-Archiving via Lingnan Scholars:

  1. Eligible Users for Lingnan Scholars:
    • Academic & Research Staff (FT / PT / Adjunct)
    • Visiting & Honorary Staff
    • Postgraduate Students (MPhil, PhD, Doctorate Degree)
  2. Only Author's Manuscript are allowed for self-archiving (Publisher's version is not permitted)
  3. Ensure compliance with your publisher's policy regarding self-archiving

Step-by-Step guide: Required information for Self-Archiving

  1. Visit 
  2. Click "Edit your Profile" to login Lingnan Scholars
    login to lingnan scholars
  1. After logging in, access "Research outputs" (RO) under your profile icon in Lingnan Scholars. This link allows you to check if your desired RO is already present
    check your own RO record in lingnan scholars

    • If your RO exists in Lingnan Scholars, proceed to step
    • If your RO is not found in Lingnan Scholars, refer to  for instructions on creating a new RO record manually
  1. Click on your target RO record
    click the target record
  2. Scroll down to the "Electronic Version(s), and related files and links"
  3. Click "Add electronic version (file,DOI or link)..." of your outputs with "Upload an electronic version"

    Please ensure that you upload only the pre-print or post-print version of your article for self-archiving. Moreover, it is essential to verify whether this action aligns your publisher's policy and permissions
  4. Choose the appropriate "Document version"
    Doc version

    • Submitted manuscript : Early version of the article, submitted version (preprint)
    • Accepted author manuscript : Peer reviewed version (postprint)
    • Final published version : Publisher’s PDF (Self-archiving a published's version is not allowed)

    * Learn more about Article Version and Publisher’s Policies

  5. Choose the suitable accessibility level for your file, there are different options on full-text accessibility:
    choose the accessibility
Values Definition File accessible in Lingnan Scholar (frontend) File accessible in Lingnan Scholar (backend) Remarks
Open Full-text accessible openly on Portal/Web service/Backend Yes Yes Choose this option when it’s an open access research output, or if you got publisher consent to host the full-text content. Furthermore, please ensure compliance with the publisher's guidelines regarding the selection of the appropriate license.
For more information about Creative Commons (CC) licenses.
Embargoed Full-text accessible open on Portal/Web service/Backend after end of embargo Yes when embargo period expired Yes Choose this option when the publisher requires an embargo period for hosting the full-text content
Restricted Full-text accessible in Backend and IP restricted No Only author and site administrator can view the file from backend; viewer has to be in Lingnan IP range (i.e. using campus network with campus area, or via Lingnan VPN Connection when he is at home). Choose this option when you prefer yourself and specific persons (e.g. review committee) to view the full-text content
Closed Full-text accessible in Backend only for related persons and related editors No Only author and site administrator can view the file from backend  
Unknown Public access to file not known No Only author and site administrator can view the file from backend  
  1. Click "Save" to save the submission
    click save